Regal pleasure - here's how

What is the best way to enjoy this most exclusive of all foods? Simple: make a loose fist and place a spoonful of the delicacy on the space between the first knuckle of your pointer finger and the first knuckle of your thumb. Then suck the caviar into your mouth and press it against your palate until the fish eggs burst in a suave explosion of flavor and texture - an exquisitely intense, lightly salty taste experience.

iCaviar, like its "black gold” counterpart, can also be enjoyed in the finest fashion with a spoon of ivory, horn or mother-of-pearl to savor the unadulterated, unique flavor. Spoons made of silver or other metals should be avoided.

iCaviar - the imitation that's just as good

iCaviar is perfectly suited for restaurants, catering, private and public events. In short: whenever the intention is to surprise pampered palates. iCaviar replaces caviar in every respect - the only place you'll notice the difference is in your budget.

iCaviar serving tips:

  • Peel hard-boiled eggs, cut them in half and decorate with a spoonful of iCaviar.
  • Place soft-boiled eggs in egg cups, remove the tops and garnish generously with iCaviar. Warm toast with butter goes perfectly with this.
  • - Add sour cream and iCaviar to blinis (small omelettes) in the Russian tradition. To top things off in the time-honored fashion, serve chopped hard-boiled eggs (yolk and white separated), onions and chives (all finely chopped) separately in small dishes.